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The Three Best Ways to Do Cart Abandonment Marketing

The Three Best Ways to Do Cart Abandonment Marketing: Push Notifications, Exit Intent Popups and Messenger Ads

Anyone that owns an e-commerce site knows the power of cart abandonment marketing. Cart abandonment marketing is the process of trying to re engage with users or customers who showed purchasing intent, by adding products to their cart, but then failed to checkout and purchase that product.

The standard and most basic way to perform cart abandonment marketing is to set up a chain of emails to people that have failed to checkout. This usually consists of a chain of 3 emails prompting the user to come back with the final email usually offering a discount code. E-mails work amazingly for this but there are 3 alternatives to email which you can use to supercharge your cart abandonment:

Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Exit intent popups have been used for years in lead generation campaigns and have more recently shown to be incredibly successful for e-commerce as well.

Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Exit-intent popups works so well for 2 main reasons:

1. The Audience is usually significantly larger than email cart abandonment audiences – email cart abandonment mails require the user to enter their email address in order to send follow up mails. Whenever someone purchases there are three stages someone has to go through before making the final purchase with the first Step being by far the largest audience:

Step 1: Add product to cart

Step 2: Add checkout details (this is where the user ads their email address)

Step 3: Add payment details and complete the purchase

The inherently powerful approach regarding exit-intent popups is that the audience is far larger in Step 1 then in Step 2, which means you have many more bites at the apple to convert someone than with traditional mail. The typical drop-off funnel looks something like this:

Cart Drop Offs

Around 50% of users usually drop off before they get a chance to even input their email.

2. Exit Intent Popups Are Impossible to Miss – The other reason why exit intent popups are so successful is because emails are so easy to miss or ignore  whereas popups are the exact opposite. Users may not love seeing popups but there is no doubt that they are impossible to ignore.

Facebook Messaging and Facebook Ads

Facebook messenger and Facebook Ads both work incredibly well for cart abandonment reconversion. Who has time for email anyway these days? All one needs to do is install your Facebook Pixel on your site to ensure that users browsing your site are matched to their Facebook profile. From there one can either use a plugin to ensure only users who have reached a certain stage in the website (added items to their cart but haven’t checked out) will see the ads or one can build these audiences quite easily within Facebook themselves.Building the audience oneself looks something like the below. One needs to include people that have added items to their card or proceeded to checkout but not purchased.

Facebook Cart Abandonment

Because the audience is always relatively small, one’s ad spend is usually quite low and results are usually amazing. You can also craft the image to speak exactly to this segment of people:

Facebook Ads

Push Notifications for Cart Abandonment

The truth is no-one likes push notifications but they do definitely work. According to PushEngage ( , push notifications when used for cart abandonment work on average 3-10x better than ordinary emails.

push notification

The trick to getting push notification right is personalisation. If you are able to craft your message as specifically as possible to your users, results can be through the roof. An example of a personalised push notification is shown below:

Facebook Ads

Results are always better when you show people the exact shoes they want rather than a generic “your cart is waiting for you”. One thing which is key to get right with push notifications is frequency capping. Nothing creates brand animosity more than companies who show you the same pair of shoes for months on end.


We believe that all e-commerce store owners should focus on audiences at the end of the funnel (cart to purchase area) first before supercharging their traffic generation efforts.It’s usually quite easy, through smart optimizations, to 2x or 3x ones current revenue by just optimizing and solving for this high-value audience.

If you need help, increasing your revenue from lost carts, please reach out by completing the contact form below. We would love to help!

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