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What are the benefits of a Website Content Audit?

What are the benefits of a Website Content Audit?

Having a content audit performed on a website or brand is one of the most important things that can be done to develop a strong website and marketing strategy. This is essentially taking the time to fine-tune your website and addressing the issues that will improve its performance. This can be done on your own or by an online marketing company that would use specific content audit tools to find out how to improve the content and information provided on your website.

What are the benefits of doing this, though?

Web Content Audit Benefits: Content Issues to be Rectified



As you begin to perform a content audit and review the innards and assets of the site, you can start addressing aspects that may cause problems with the working of the site. These could be improving issues with performance, fixing any links that may be broken, and improving overall accessibility to the site. Addressing these issues will increase the website’s search value as well as make it more appealing to returning visitors in addition to new visitors.

Web Content Audit Benefits: Repurposing Content to make it Evergreen


A website’s usability, visitor loyalty, and search ranking relies on valuable and up-to-date information. Even when taking this into consideration, it is not always necessary to create brand new content totally from scratch when there are contributed articles, blog posts, and other marketing media that are available to be repurposed in order to accomplish a specific objective.

Web Content Audit Benefits: Bridging Content Gaps

content gaps

A content audit not only provides a way to get a record of the information present on the website, it also brings to light the areas in which the site is lacking information.

This could be potentially valuable information that the audience is seeking. By locating the content gaps on the website, you may become better equipped when creating new content that will add value to the site and the brand alike.

Web Content Audit Benefits: Evaluating Quality of Content


When performing a content audit on a website, be sure to evaluate the quality of all existing materials.

Website crawlers with Google are aware of content that is not valuable, short, and repetitive and will penalize the website and search rankings for content that is seen as inferior. If the content on your website is deemed low-level, it will not rank high in the search rankings.

Web Content Audit Benefits: Improved SEO

better seo

Search engine optimization has drastically changed in recent years, and this change is for the better. On average, Google will make about 500 changes to its SEO algorithm each year. What we know to work now will likely be different than what will work next year, or even next month. Good SEO focuses on providing the ideal user experience first and pleasing the search engine second. When chiefly focusing on users, this protects you from constantly analysing every detail of your search engine optimization. Remember that Google wants to display the very best websites when users perform a search.

If users are not having good experiences with your website, your repeat visitors and bounce rate will decline, and this is the data that Google can use against you.

Web Content Audit Benefits: Increased Search Visibility

search visibility

Understanding what you want to rank for is the first step to increasing your search engine rankings, thus increasing search visibility. Great organic search rankings will start with a solid strategy that uses keywords.

You need to understand your market and your competition, and then you can develop an on-page SEO plan that will integrate the target keywords in specific areas of the content and code of the website. Search engines including Google will then determine the ranking of your website based on the content and on-page optimization of the site.

Web Content Audit Benefits: Resilient Content

resilient content

An in-depth website content audit will check things like bounce rates, page views, time on site, etc. These are all extremely important areas to be improved upon for better search engine indexing. However, both search engines and people will come back to your website time after time because of the content and quality that you have to offer them.

Web Content Audit Benefits: Improvement on Usability

improved usability

Your imagination is the only thing that is limiting the functionality and design of your website, unless you have a team of experts by your side then they are responsible for making your vision come to life. If the site does not tell visitors that they are in the right place in a clear-cut and concise manner, the visitors will leave and more than likely never visit again. A content audit may help to nail down the areas of the site that need to be simplified so that you may determine what type of structure, content, and function will work best for your visitors.


h/t to dynomapper for the info for this article!

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